About Me

My name is Todd Bauer (as if you didn’t know that by now).  I’ve been a professional developer since 1993, working with various platforms during that time including DOS, Windows, and Web.  Most of my focus has been on Web development for the last 15 years and continues to be the focus of my professional interests and efforts.  During that time, the bulk of my experience has been in working with the Microsoft .NET platform.

I’ve spent several years working as a consultant (as I am now) and a handful of years working to develop package software used by large financial institutions.  I’ve been the grunt developer, the lead architect, and the dev boss guy that wishes he was back being a grunt developer or lead architect again.

When I’m not working or tinkering with side projects, I enjoy time with my wife and kids, marathon running, and the usual fare of interests typical of people in this profession.

I’m always interested making new connections and learning new things from others, so please feel free to connect through your comments, LinkedIn and Twitter.

I hope you enjoy the information and materials provided.  If not, oh well, it didn’t cost you anything.



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